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Lago Perrin

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Woke up yet again to a clear morning and just in time for breakfast at 7.30am the sunshine managed to conquer the alpine peaks and illuminate Ayas Valley. I was supposed to go to Aosta today and spend the day there, but there wasn’t enough people registered so it got cancelled. So instead I decided to head out on my own and getting high up for some view. I got early to the local store Crai, further down in the village and bought a sandwich with ham and cheese. Continued on to the Crest Lift and rode up to 1952 meters above sea level. It was still chilly in the shadows, but where the sun shined it was warm.


20150826_102057.jpg 20150826_101651.jpg

Hiked along alpine creek Torrente di Cunéaz and got eventually to the village Cunéaz at 2062 altitude meters. Well, village and village… it probably weren’t more than seven houses there. The classic stone houses with slate roofs were in variable conditions, everything from ruins to newly build houses. The longer into Cunéaz Valley I got the more indistinct the path became, which seemed to be the standard for all paths here in Ayas Valley. And neither well-posted signs so sometimes you almost had to go with your gut feeling; should I take left or right here? But to calm some of you readers down, I can tell that I never got lost or chose the wrong path during the day. I had map, compass and the sun added to that helping me orienting myself.


After the village Cunéaz it was a comfortable ascent, partially in the shadow, crossing alpine creeks and over bridges up to Pian Long at 2179 altitude meters. I stopped here for snacks and pause. There was a small stone house here that probably hadn’t been inhabited for very many years. Started to get above the tree-limit now and since the sun broiled intensively you just had to deal with it. From now on it would get warm and very few shadows to stop and rest in. From here and up to Lago Perrin at 2633 meters of height would be an ascent out of the ordinary. Now you had to decide; bite the bullet or break down. The only option for me was to bite the bullet. You can break down later at the hotel. So, it was 100% focus forward and start hiking. The first two hundred altitude meters were relatively comfortable, but the rest up to Colle Perrin at 2649 meters above sea level there were moments when I thought to myself; what have I gotten myself into really? But as it usually is, it’s all worth the pain. Finally, up at Colle Perrin I had an extreme beautiful view over Monte Rosa Massif and its snow-covered alpine peaks. Up here I even got a clear view towards Mont Blanc (Monte Blanco) that wasn’t surrounded by clouds for a change.


Sat down next to Lago Perrin and unpacked my lunch. It was peaceful and quiet up here and the lake was beautifully surrounded by Monte Perrin and Monte Castello. Only the purling melting water from Monte Perrin right behind me sounded. The water in the lake was all turquoise and looked very inviting to me. But I only dipped my feet into the water for some coolness. The temperature was probably not more than +10 °C. At a distance I could see fishes, but they never got so close that I could see what kind of fish it was.

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Full and satisfied I started to hike down towards Champoluc again and now in the Mascognaz Valley. Followed the alpine creek Torrente Perrin for a while, which gets its water from Lago Perrin. Some parts were very steep and slippery, so you had to be very careful. Suddenly I spotted three people ahead hiking towards me and I soon would meet along the path. It seemed to go very slowly and I stopped and looked at my watch. I had now been walking for about 40 minutes from Lago Perrin and in their pace, it would take them up to an hour before reaching the lake. And very much so, when we met, they wanted to know how much longer it would take them to get up to Lago Perrin. So, I answered them about an hour. The dad looked really tired and supported his whole weight on his hiking pole. My thoughts went; Oh, oh, how will that end? Had been fun to know if they ever made it up there, or not.

20150826_130024.jpg 20150826_133632.jpg

I kept on downhill and passed herds with gazing cows and calves, which inappropriately enough stood blocking on my path. With respect I tried passing around the calves, but it was a little creepy being so close up to them while they stared at me like that. Yet again the path vaporized into nothing and you had to go on pure conjecture. I guess the path is about here. Passed some lonely abandoned stone houses on my way down to Chavannes (2016 m.), where “the path” suddenly reappears as a dirt track. The dirt track led through Mascognaz Valley and passed through the woods (giving well-needed shadows) and down to Mascognaz at 1820 altitude meters. Here you could feel you were getting back to civilization again and met more and more people. From here it took about additional 45 minutes in steep descent before I got back to the hotel in Champoluc again.


Made a detour to the village Pharmacy buying additional plasters for sore heels and even found products from the Avéne series that I haven’t seen back home in Sweden. I arrived at the hotel for shower, shoe- and foot-care and later dinner at 7.30pm. Started the dinner with salad entree, thereafter the first starter being spelt salad with shrimp and Courgettes. As second starter I chose Valpellinentse Lasagna (vegetable lasagna) and Roasted Rabbit with white wine as main course. Dessert was a delicious Cheese Cake.

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